2018 Wedding Event Trends

Tying the knot in 2018? These are the biggest wedding cake trends, each inspired by the wedding color trends seen in the Fall/Winter 2017 wedding fashion shows. Greenery, soft pastel colors and bold floral arrangements are strong contenders for 2018 and 2019.

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Wedding Cake Trends

  • Metallic cakes: Metallic gold and silver are taking everything by storm and cakes are no exception. You can have an all metallic cake or add some metallic glitter to the cake.
  • Naked cakes: The deconstructed cake showcases the fillings, such as fresh berries, pears, apple and blood oranges. It looks sweet and has little icing.
  • Painted wedding cakes: This takes a cue from the wedding invitation designers to create such cake artistry, such as Monet-inspired, marbleized, or stained glass wedding cakes. These painted tiers are then put together with solid colored layers with a few flower accents.
  • Geometric shapes and patterns are making a comeback: In most contemporary reception settings; stripes, squares, and chevrons are gracing wedding cakes. They look simple but are wonderfully inspiring.
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    Wedding Color Trends

    Imaging a wedding without color is like tasting a cake without frosting. Sure, it’s possible but not nearly as sweet. Weddings are playing off with unheard of color combos and introducing new colors into the mix.

  • Bohemian: The boho wedding has a set of warm color choices. Marigold, Cream Rose, Plumeria and Silver make a worthy collection. Feathers and flowers create a natural look.
  • Beachy: Think of the sands, crashing waves and the summer breeze. This combo takes earthly and Aqua schemes that include black, custom tan, gold, aqua, and sky.
  • New twist on metallic: The metallic revolution is taking over everything – from the cake to draping and other décor in the venue. The most used metallic hues are gold and silver. You can interweave the two main colors or add metallic accents on other color choices.
  • Turn up the color volume: New weddings are looking beyond the traditional color schemes for a flare up of colors. Bridesmaids wear dresses with different colors; there is a mix of warm and cool colors and cakes go for the sprinkled icing with a wide selection of colors.
  • Are you hosting aspiration weddings into 2018? Consider the above wedding trends to make your next client’s wedding truly amazing.

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