How To Advertise To Millennials

From the white dress to all the other beautiful components in between that help to make a wedding day magical, the wedding industry has been one of the most unchanged and traditional industries until very recently. Over the past several years, the industry has changed dramatically, owing to the contribution of the millennial generation. From online inspiration on blogs and e-mags to completely flipping the script when it comes to traditional wedding attire, Millennials have changed the way wedding vendors and businesses advertise to Millennials.

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The influence that Millennials have had is so huge that marketers have had to find creative new ways on how to advertise to Millennials.

It no longer makes sense to ignore them because they make up a huge percentage of the current wedding market. Millenials are not to be underestimated because they have created a vast network of opportunities for brands and marketers to profit from a powerful and vibrant market. With more options available for bride and grooms to help them make wedding preparations, it is no wonder that marketers are being forced to change their traditional marketing techniques to appeal to more Millennials.

How Have Millennials Disrupted The Wedding Industry?


A large number of Millennials have grown up as witnesses of the technological revolution that has faced today’s modern society. Since technology is an integral part of a millennial’s day to day life, advertisers must now incorporate it in their advertising models.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Let’s face it; Millennials are obsessed with DIY projects. This hands-on way of life has never been felt more in any other industry than in the wedding industry with a large percentage of grooms and brides getting their inspiration from DIY websites like Pinterest.

Social media

Millenials are definitely the ultimate social generation – soon to be grooms and brides are constantly looking for ways to share their big day online whether it is on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter.

Important Tips On How To Advertise To Millennials:

Budgets are everything

Weddings are expensive and Millennials know that. Many millennial couples are now paying for the wedding themselves; therefore, a good marketing campaign should focus on creating savings without compromising on the quality of their vision.

Market to both the groom and bride

Unlike previously, where the roles of the bride and the groom were segregated, today’s couples want to do things together. More and more grooms are getting involved in the planning process, which is why it is important to consider what both the groom and bride want instead of just focusing on the needs of the bride.


Today’s millennial couples want to be involved in every step of the wedding planning process. As such, a lot of brides will come up with their vision based on the inspiration that they receive from various online sources and websites such as Pinterest and the Knot. Many will include DIY elements that help to give the event a personal and memorable touch. Where it is appropriate, you may want to consider making it part of the package.