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There are plenty of wedding registry websites for brides and grooms who are planning final details for their weddings and honeymoons. Will your wedding guests make a contribution to your trip? Will they buy household gifts from a site you are registered at? Today’s honeymoon registry services allow friends and family to contribute to a multitude of activities: from dining in Colorado Springs to snorkeling in Key Largo.

See which websites host the top trends, are easy to use and can fast track your honeymoon planning.

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A travel registry is similar to a traditional registry in which you sign up for the gifts you would like to receive. You build a registry with your anticipated honeymoon activities and your wedding guests can contribute monetary gifts towards those activities. These websites enable group gifting as well as individual and couple contributions. If your honeymoon plans change or get disrupted, it is easy to make the accounts inactive.

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Traveler’s Joy has been among the most used websites for honeymoon registries since 2004. The site allows couples to create a free honeymoon registry by utilizing popular wedding sites and directs guests to one site instead of having them try to search for a registry on various platforms. Engaged couples are able to make arrangements for their travel any time they desire and wherever they want. The website is said to have over 352,000 registered people on the site. It’s listed on Wedding Channel’s website and has won awards on Wedding Wire.

Customer Service: 24 hour e-mail support; Weekday phone support
Registry Set Up: Free of Charge
Hosting Fee: Read here
Time It Will Take to Set Up a Registry: 2-4 minutes
Reviews From Trust Pilot

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Honeyfund is a free registry platform for wedding couples. Engaged couples are able to create a page with their wedding information and wish list for their honeymoon. Wedding guests will then be able to choose the travel expenses they would like to contribute to, purchase their gifts using credit cards, PayPal, or WePay and share messages in real time on the page or even on Facebook. Guests can also print out a certificate explaining their contribution and bring the certificate to the wedding along with their card.

Customer Service: 24 hour e-mail support
Registry Set Up: Free of Charge
Additional Services: Mobile app
Time It Will Take to Set Up a Registry: 2 minutes

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What is a Honeymoon Wishes gift registry?

If you intend to go to Disneyland, Walt Disney World or a Disney Resort and Spa via Disney Vacation Club or Disney Cruise following your wedding, your best choice is the Disney Honeymoon Registry. Bookings are not made for you directly; you can make a choice on how to use the cash you obtain, since all the gifts are directly sent to you through a mailed check or bank transfer.

This registry is free to create and you have the choice of having your gifts sent to the Resort or the Cruise Line. For guests who are not very conversant with technology, customer service is available for free. The number of times you can obtain your cash gifts is limitless.

Customer Service: Toll Free number, M-F 8-5
Registry Set Up: Free of Charge
Partners With: Resorts or Cruise Lines
Additional Services: RSVP tool, Thank you e-mails
Hosting Fee: Read here
Time It Will Take to Set Up a Registry: 3-4 minutes

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Zola has quickly become a go-to wedding registry option for couples looking for a wide range of gifts. The objective of this hybrid registry is to personalize all experiences related to the registry. Wedding couples can register for everything, from unique and wild excursions to cash gifts or any product from the e-shop. Zola’s “Funds” section of their registry includes honeymoon and cash fund options, which allows guests (or a group of guests) to purchase a cash fund contribution to a part of your honeymoon (flight, hotel stay, etc). Your guests will process their payment through Zola and you will then receive a direct-deposit to your bank account.

Customer Service: 24/7
Registry Set Up: Free of Charge
Hosting Fee: Read here
Time It Will Take to Set Up a Registry: 2-4 minutes

Just request your check out by utilizing the direct deposit, find your passports, grab your bags, and embark on your journey.

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