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This is a series of 6 wedding articles about making wedding budgets that work for you.
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Are bridesmaids supposed to purchase their bridesmaid dresses, and should groomsmen pay for their tux rentals? Because of the high wedding costs, the best way to pull off your dream wedding is by creating a budget with a minimum and maximum price limits on the top 10 wedding areas seen below. It is also important to list who would be paying for what. This will help make your wedding costs a little more manageable.

Wedding dresses come with a wide variety of price tags. Though not everyone would need an alteration, it is important to account for the veil and the alterations. If you are having a wedding gown custom-made, you will probably need to have at least two fittings. If you are ordering a dress through a bridal shop, check with them thoroughly, and make sure they have your correct measurements. We often hear bride complaints on vendors that they deliberately order the incorrect size to get extra alterations. To escape additional expenses such as an unscheduled steaming or dry cleaning, we suggest you to follow the following industry rules:

  • Don’t schedule a fitting right after a workout.
  • If the tailor recommends against making a particular change, there’s probably a good reason why.
  • Try to schedule your final dress/gown fitting two weeks prior to your wedding
  • Groom’s tuxedo or suit costs anywhere from minimum $180

    This amount includes the cost of renting a tuxedo. The groom may choose to purchase or rent his shoes, cuff links, tie, and vest. The prices usually differ from state to state but also from the type of tuxedo or suit groom would want to wear. If the wedding is planned to set at a rustic plain, such as a barn or in someone’s home, a groom’s suit would be less formal-looking and in the gray, beige, or brown color families. Your wedding is an opportunity to wear the finest suit or tuxedo you have ever owned even at a rustic or green wedding calling for a lighter fair.

    Costs associated with groom’s suits or tuxedos

    Tailoring store-bought suits can take upwards of a week, and custom suiting can take up to 7 weeks. In addition to a suit, placing additional button holes, inner pocket, custom monogramming, and accent buttons could add up to the cost of a wedding suit. Choosing the right suit, investing in a great pair of shoes and looking polished with a great hair style are important things for any groom. Although not customary accessories, both the watch and cuff links complete a groom’s look. Cuff-links exude sophisticated elegance.

    Are you planning to say your ‘I Dos’ on a beach? Besides a trendy white sandals, many couples opt out for wearing a light suit sans shoes. Since beach weddings tend to have a more relaxed vibe, we suggest the more affordable and perhaps waterproof shoes.
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    Are the wedding accessories the new splurge?

    Spending a lot of money to get a veil that would cost as much as the same price as a wedding dress is not an efficient way to stick to your budget goals. Evening bags, pearl earrings, wedding shoes, tiaras, and hair clips will also need to be beaded, sparkly and making the brides look elegant and glam. There are plenty of options for those and it is smart to explore local stores, Pinterest boards, Instagram, Etsy and other online outlets to understand the current wedding trends.