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Nowadays, almost all couples incorporate some kind of theme into their wedding. Themed weddings help couples to create an experience that is uniquely theirs and special to their relationship. Individuals that are planning a wedding in 2018 are in luck because there are plenty of themes to select. The most trending wedding themes can be applied to every type of wedding from the traditional to the more casual wedding ceremonies. Here are the best wedding themes of the year:

High Drama

High drama weddings are those that are filled with out-of-this-world décor and luxe designs. These are the types of weddings you would expect a celebrity couple to throw. High drama weddings are becoming a lot more accessible to regular couples thanks to the availability of equally stunning options that are available for a much lower price. High drama weddings come in all shapes and sizes but usually, bigger is better in most scenarios.

Bollywood Theme Party

A Bollywood theme party isn’t just about the wedding décor. This theme can be expanded to fit all of your ideas and festivities. You could have a photo booth or props with Bollywood themes, name your menu and signature drinks according to your favorite characters and stars, play games like charades, mime, dance-offs, or ask your guests to dress up in costume.

Vintage Theme Weddings

Medium sized, crystal chandeliers hung from an overhead trellis and silk fabric could be the first indication of a vintage themed wedding. Wooden chairs mixed with covered chairs adorned with fabric floral detailing adds to the many faces of a vintage wedding set. The vintage theme can even extend to food and serving pieces. Many menus feature French cuisine or even add French baguettes at each place setting for guests as well as vintage bottles wrapped with craft paper and twine for fresh lemonade. A monogram of the couple’s initials is usually seen on 5-6 tier white wedding cakes.

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Green Weddings

Green weddings are trending because they embrace Mother Nature in a sophisticated way. Adding green elements to your wedding can make it look more upscale. It is a classic look that will never really go out of style. Greenery can be infused into every component of your wedding from including beautiful botanical touches on your stationary suite to complementing it with the perfect shade of green at your reception. Greenery is also perfect for garden weddings. The romantic setting and fresh florals, as well as the touch of green on your themed wedding cake, will leave your guests awed by it all.

Rustic Chic Weddings

There is nothing as wonderful as a well-designed and well-planned rustic wedding. Usually more relaxed and characterized by natural elements, one of the reasons for having a rustic wedding is the cost element as these weddings usually run on a smaller budget. Typically, engaged couples go out of their way to include homemade elements like wooden or reclaimed chairs, flowers from the garden, and decorated glass jars for a personal touch that can help to cut down the budget considerably. From barn weddings to nature-inspired lantern-filled décor, rustic chic weddings have never been more popular than they are now.

Romantic Weddings

Romance will always be a staple wedding theme that will never disappear. Essentially, romance is the essence of all wedding ceremonies. It can be applied to the crystal chandelier décor, the romance-themed wedding dress, the candle-lit ceremony and anything else that has the potential of melting your guests’ hearts.


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