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There are a large variety of “types” of weddings: civil, religious, military & same-sex. Over the past 10 years, the Wedding Protector Plan has written policies for many different types of wedding ceremonies.

The brides, grooms and/or parents of these parties had already found answers to the following questions:

  • How important is the wedding ceremony?
  • How important is it to provide a dancing social hour for the wedding guests?
  • How many guests will there be at the wedding?
  • Is this going to be a daytime or nighttime wedding?
  • How important is it to impress people?
  • Will the invitations include personalization to invite children to the wedding?
  • How important is it to follow a wedding planner timeline or month-of-schedule?
  • How important is the photography to the bridal party?

To many, a wedding simply entails a man and a woman getting married and perhaps holding a sophisticated reception for their guests in a splendid area! Numerous options exist which one can choose from. The style that you opt for is determined by numerous factors.

You can choose a wedding that portrays your preferences, personality, surrounding and season. You can select from many interesting themes, such as non-religious, wow renewals, interfaith, destination, etc.

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From Latin nūptiālis (“pertaining to marriage”), from nūptiae (“wedding”), from nupta, from nūbō (“I marry, I take as husband”) from Proto-Indo-European… As a noun ‘nuptials’ means wedding ceremony. As an adjective nuptial is of or pertains to wedding and marriage.

In terms of wedding trends, ‘nuptials’ in the mainstream brings forth a limited service that has the same components as a mass without a communion. A service runs for around 30 or 40 minutes while a mass lasts about an hour. Ordinarily, the nuptials may vary depending on the length of time the homily takes and the type of wedding music the wedding couple has. The LQBTQ community is the owner of this trend in expediting their ceremony as nuptials – one single event with music.

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Religious locations come with an officiant and most allow ceremonies for the congregation members only. Normally, the reception takes place as soon as the vows are exchanged; either at a separate area or the church’s banquet hall. Couples then attain a civil marriage license from the office of the county clerk or their local courthouse in order for the union to be legal. Live internet screening is also available for friends who are unable to attend!

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Usually, a civil wedding takes place in city hall, a courthouse or judge’s chambers. A Justice of the Peace, major or judge officiates. This secular ceremony is short and the vows are simple. Apart from the bridal party, there are only a few guests. Afterwards, a ceremony is held, which may either be simple or elegant.

For example, a civil wedding in New Jersey has a lot of similarities with other types of wedding ceremonies. The civil union function in New Jersey might be secular or religious, traditional or formal, unstructured or contemporary. The wedding organization is determined by the wedding venue, person presiding over the wedding and the couple’s choice.

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A formal wedding adheres to ancient traditions and follows social expectations. It includes a ceremony and a reception which is elaborately decorated, various ushers and attendants, engraved stationery, an allocated seating chart and numerous etiquette rules. This event is costly and normally this kind of wedding has an excess of 200 guests attending.

In Seattle, you can have a wedding almost anywhere. Seattle is situated near the water; therefore, weddings held in front of the shore are the best, since they are very charming! Venues for weddings vary from public parks, hotel ballrooms, etc.

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Couples who opt to hold an informal wedding are free to customize each element of their marriage event, as well as the wedding reception. Normally, they follow numerous vital traditions, form a blend of the two traditions or invent something totally new. Even though this occasion is not very flashy, usually, an informal wedding presents a more intimate experience.

Atlanta has the most fabulous and romantic wedding areas for outdoor as well as indoor wedding ceremonies. For instance, the Piedmont Room & Garden Tent offers you fabulous sceneries of Piedmont Park as well as the Atlanta skyline. The extraordinary allure, modern sophistication and attractive background offer a really exceptional destination in the center of this city. 
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Destination weddings are mainly held in an area which is exotic. These kinds of weddings have gained more popularity in the recent decade. The festivities of the wedding are intimate, having less than 20 individuals, which includes the bridal party. The all-inclusive package is a favorite among couples as it allows them to blend the marriage event with the honeymoon.

Even if smaller in size, the destination wedding party tends to continue on for multiple days, with guests staying an average of four days, and the couple for seven.

Engaged couples are finding new ways to integrate technology in their destination wedding as they take advantage of things like custom Snapchat geofilters and gopro for videography. The Destination Weddings Trend Report 2016 takes a look at the continued rise of LGBT destination weddings as the one-year anniversary of marriage equality comes to pass.

According to Trip Advisor, some of the top wedding destinations in the US are:

  • The Big Island, Hawaii
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Sea Island, Georgia
  • San Francisco, California
  • Park City, Utah
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Nantucket, Massachusetts
  • Florida Keys, Florida

Try Key Largo for an underwater ceremony or dolphin-assisted “I dos” on Islamorada. Fall offers incredible foliage and fewer crowds in Door County, Wisconsin. Why not try to take the action into one of the historic homes and gardens in Savannah, Georgia? Or go for a private wine resort accessible only through romantic landscapes such as grape fields, rolling hills and lush valleys in Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, California.

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The term eloping brings about a clear picture of Hollywood images portraying wild romantic acts and passionate love that leads a couple to run away together and get married! Even though the majority of brides imagine eloping in the course of planning the wedding, not many choose this simpler and cheaper option.

In the U.S., Las Vegas is the leading destination for elopements. Couples get married in fast, unusual ceremonies and normally hold celebrations out on the town. It is a common spot to be wed at drive-through chapels in front of Elvis-impersonator officiants. Vegas brings the exotic European landmarks such as Eiffel Tower with bold ballrooms, cool restaurants and chic poolside settings with flamingos and large water fountains.

It is not necessary for you to go to Las Vegas for a destination wedding. Instead, you can head to romantic New Orleans for your elopement or small wedding. The chic Garden District setting at the Grand Victorian is a wonderful area for this event.