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Many brides start envisioning their special day from as early as childhood and while many brides-to-be typically cannot wait to begin the search for that special dress, the truth is that the process of sorting through all the lace, veils, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc., is not always easy. Let’s face it, the process can be downright overwhelming.

Preparing for a wedding requires excellent organizational skills and months of cataloging, venue visits, meetings with caterers and service providers, and so much more. With all the events and activities happening at once, it can be difficult for some brides to track the latest trends in wedding fashion. Listed below are the top 2017 trends to look out for in wedding fashion trends for brides.

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For brides that prefer not to wear a veil, wedding dresses with capes are the perfect selection. There is a broad range of alternatives and options from full-length capes to shorter bridal capelets that can be detached easily. Capes are a modern way to add an edgy and contemporary touch to your wedding, and plus, it is an excellent way to switch up your look for the reception party.

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Designers have been using feathers in their designs for a while now; however, adding wispy columns of delicate feathers on a dress has the power to transform even the simplest silhouette into an eye-catching masterpiece.

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Dresses with watercolor prints are not for the average bride. They require a lot of boldness to pull off but when done properly, your wedding dress will be the talk of the bridal town for months. The lovely watercolors offer a non-white wedding dress option for the more daring bride.

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Dresses with low necklines are very on trend this year, with popular designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa adding V-neckline dresses to their collections. A plunging neckline can work for any bride, even those that are busty as it draws out and elongates your frame. A neckline that has a bit of lace or floral appliqués adds a girly touch to the dress while the neckline takes care of the ‘charming bride’ appeal factor.

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Sheer streamer sleeves that split off are an easy way to make your wedding dress as magical as possible. Not only do the sleeves add movement to the gown, but they are also a nice way for a bride to make her statement.

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Oversized bows on wedding dresses completely took over as the top trend and brides everywhere cannot get over the drama and the appeal that bows add. A large bow around the train area can allow a bride to make a dramatic exit and a bow situated on the waist can add an element of structure that can accentuate the waist.

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Heavy embellishments and busy appliqués took a backseat as more refined and minimalist fabrics took center stage. The over the top wedding dress has been replaced by dresses with simple features and lace screens that peek through to provide a little detail, without necessarily overwhelming the entire look. Rather than having the dress become the center of attention, the minimalist look ensures that the bride is the central point of the event.

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There is something completely unexpected about a bride wearing pants on her big day. A well-tailored suit can give a bride the extra edge. A white chic and formal tuxedo can be more impactful than a massive attention grabbing ball gown. Pants are perfect for the offbeat bride that intends to stay true to her style even on her special day.

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