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Brides and grooms have looked forward to spring weddings for years, and with good reason. Spring is a beautiful time of year with fresh blooms, greener grass, and everyone is out enjoying themselves and soaking up the sunshine. But what it also has is a penchant for severe weather; an unexpected tornado can ruin a wedding fast. Luckily, wedding insurance is there to help you save your wedding way dreams from get washed away.

Insurance for Garden Weddings

You’ve spent months planning the perfect whimsical and romantic garden wedding. You’ve picked out the prettiest florals and hand selected the dreamiest bloom-filled tablescapes for your outdoor seating arrangements. But instead of waking up to blue skies and chirping birds you awoke to severe weather alerts and a tornado warning. And while you close your eyes and hope for the best, thunderclaps, lightning flashes, and the flood waters continue to rise. As you watch your reception tent collapse and your beautiful decor wash away, you know what you must do. Left with no other option, you postpone the wedding and risk losing the money that you’ve paid on deposits to vendors.

But with a wedding insurance policy from Wedding Protector Plan, you may be able to recoup some deposits lost due to cancellation or postponement from catastrophic weather. With special event insurance like this, you will have the peace of mind that even if Mother Nature is having a bad day, your wedding is protected.

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Rainy Day Wedding Survival Tips

Have a Plan B. If you think it might rain; even just a sprinkle have a backup plan. You could have a tent already on site or go to an indoor option at the venue.

If it rains, it’s okay to be upset. Just don’t let it ruin your day. Accept it, let it go, and move on to your Plan B option.

Attitude is everything. If you handle the weather well, your guests will too.

Pay attention to the fine print. Make sure you know what your vendors will and won’t do in the event of inclement weather.

Be prepared! Want to add a fun statement piece? Have decorative buckets with umbrellas scattered throughout the space. If it doesn’t rain, let your guests take the umbrellas home!


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