Get your Pinterest boards ready. It’s time to get the scoop on all the options for your ring. Now that we’re moving away from traditional styles, the choices and customizations are nearly endless. Beyond the cut and setting for the stone, people are customizing bands, changing up metal colors, or even opting for alternate stones.

It’s not enough that you need to pick through all the details to figure out what you like. You also have to rely on your friends and family to drop hints to the future hubby or significant other so they know what to pick out.

Popular Styles of Engagement Rings


This style’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The diamond is set high on a plain band. Elevating the diamond allows it to reflect more light. Solitaire-style rings are perfect for ladies that love a classic look.

Halo Cut 

The central stone is surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds to add to the sparkle and make it look larger. Halo cut rings were once considered a fad, but have outlasted other styles and are going strong this year as a top style. This glitzy, glamorous-looking ring is best-suited for the fashion forward girl. 

Trilogy Ring

As you guessed, this ring has three stones with the highest set one in the center. This arrangement adds depth to the ring. It symbolizes the couple’s past, present, and future together. The 3-stone or trilogy-style ring is making the list for the hottest ring styles of 2019. 


This style features a “swirl” of metal around the central stone. The appearance is slightly more unusual, but is perfect for a striking, feminine look. Swirl-style rings are a great opportunity to use alternate colored stones on the band or centerpiece to start a truly unique bridal set. 


If you love old fashioned elements with modern flair, a vintage ring might be perfect. This style features engravings and ornate details anywhere from the Victorian Era to Art Deco. Diamonds are not always cut and set in expected styles. Art Deco rings can have emerald cut diamonds in a geometric design. It’s an abstract work of art to treasure all your years. 

Popular Diamond Ring Settings

Now that you have a better idea of top styles for 2019, let’s look at the stone settings. The stone setting can make a big difference in the sparkle and final appearance of the ring. There’s an array of options that go from classic to eye-catching and different. Keep in mind that different diamond settings carry their pros and cons. 


Prong is the most popular stone setting for rings. No matter the cut, prongs act like little claws that hold the diamond in place. Teardrop and princess cut diamonds will have prongs that grab the corners, where round diamonds will have the prongs evenly spaced. 

Prong-style settings are great because they elevate the diamond. This extra boost allows it to reflect more light. Keep in mind that with the stone elevated, it’s easier to snag on clothing and furniture. A lower setting can help with this, but regardless, get the ring inspected often to ensure the prongs are secure. 

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting has a modern look and works well for active lifestyles. This setting encircles the diamond instead of holding it in place with tiny claws. You can opt for a full or partial bezel depending on how much of the stone you want to expose. 

Bezel settings are easy to maintain. The metal holds the stone securely in place and protects it against damage. It won’t snag, making it great for ladies in active professions. The only downside is that a bezel doesn’t reflect as much light as the prong setting.

East West

East West settings turn the diamond on its side instead of the traditional vertical alignment. This modern engagement ring adds a touch of uniqueness and vintage flair. If your style speaks to a more subtle elegance, this is the ring for you. East West settings are essentially a vintage meets modern style with endless customizations. A three stone or halo is more sparkly, where a solitaire setting paired with East West is effortlessly refined. 

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