Gambling on a winter wedding may seem risky to some. But for others, it is a dream to have a gorgeous winter wedding. If you are one of those that live for the wondrous winter season here are some tips to help your winter wonderland wedding run smooth.

Winter Wedding Tips

  • Get ready to hear some “no’s.” Some of your out-of-town or elderly guests may not be able to attend your winter nuptials. Accept the regret graciously and understand where they are coming from.
  • Be careful planning around the holidays and keep in mind pricing fluctuates due to demand. Flowers may be more expensive around Valentine’s Day and pricing for flights could skyrocket around Christmas.
  • Prepare for the worst; what will you do if there is catastrophic weather on your big day? If there is severe weather, roads may be closed, and guests or integral members of the wedding party may be stuck. Have an alternate plan or plans ready.
  • While vendors may offer significant discounts for planning a wedding in the off-season, you want to be sure to ask their policy on rescheduling due to severe weather events. If they let you book again is there an additional cost? And if they aren’t available on the rescheduled date, do you get any of your original deposit back?
  • Become an honorary weather person. Watching your local news for weather updates or stalking will become second nature to you. While you can’t control the weather, at least you will be prepared with a backup plan.
  • And the most significant thing to consider is to purchase wedding insurance. If you’re planning a wedding in an area that has a history of blizzard conditions popping up, the right insurance policy could save the day.


Wedding Insurance for Blizzards

Wedding insurance can provide coverage for multiple wedding day disasters, one being a blizzard. Here are some common catastrophic weather event claims:

  • Postponement/cancellation due to major roadway closings preventing the bride and groom getting to the venue
  • Postponement/cancellation due to a power outage caused by severe weather
  • Postponement/cancellation due to the venue closing because of blizzard conditions


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