Indoor weddings certainly weigh heavy on the benefits. You can decorate your venue in the style of your dreams. Even if the sun isn’t shining, gorgeous photos can still be on the itinerary.  Finally, guests are out of the elements should bad weather make an appearance.

Let’s get to the benefits of having an indoor wedding.


Ambiance is typically provided for you in an indoor venue. Think of it like a color by numbers canvas; did you choose a majestic ballroom? Or was a rustic wine cellar more your style? Whichever location you chose, now your decoration choices become much more narrowed down.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Different climates can present different issues. Guests can feel too cold at an outdoor autumn wedding. Then, holding an outdoor wedding in the heat of summer can present issues for your guests. An indoor wedding means the venue temperature is regulated for optimum comfort. Rest assured that there will not be guests freezing or suffering heat exhaustion.


Hosting your wedding indoors also provides less worry as facilities are provided.  Restrooms? One less thing to rent or be concerned about hygiene. Electricity? This can be a big safety concern for outdoor weddings. Indoor venues also give your guests extra space to stretch out if they need a break from dancing or to attend to their children. Certainly you’ll want an adequate dancefloor, too!

Some guests might need to charge their phones and cameras. Especially if you’ve selected a hashtag or other means of sharing your event on social media. Having outlets will save them the hassle of having to carry portable chargers in those already small pockets and purses!


Weather is a top reason couples have trouble choosing indoors or outdoors. A beautiful tent location is quickly ruined should a storm blow in. Then you have to improvise, which isn’t always ideal. An indoor venue eliminates these problems because your wedding party and guests are sheltered no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for the day.

Sold on indoors?

Indoor weddings can protect you from (most) weather, guest comfort, and facility complications. However, you should still plan for issues that could arise with the beautiful indoor venue you’ve chosen. Purchasing The Wedding Protector Plan® can help alleviate costs associated with resorting to a sudden Plan B. The most special day of your lives is an investment to protect. Here’s some examples of things you should plan ahead for.

  • The venue suddenly goes out of business or is inaccessible.
  • Lost deposits from the venue going bankrupt
  • Additional expenses incurred from having to rebook a venue last minute

The Wedding Protector Plan

The Wedding Protector Plan® is underwritten by Travelers. Wedding insurance can help protect you against circumstances out of your control. Purchasing a protection plan for your wedding can save you headaches should the unexpected happen. This protection can reimburse you for the deposits lost.

The Wedding Protector Plan® is private event insurance. It provides wedding cancellation and postponement coverage and other coverage to cover your investment. There’s also the option to add liability coverage for the many other things that can go wrong. With the Wedding Protector Plan®, you can ensure that nearly every risk is covered.