You avoid snow, cold, and chilly winds for your wedding day by planning a summer wedding. Now you’re faced with a new problem: sweltering heat. If the wedding is outdoors, the guests are likely to be uncomfortable in the summer sun. Oftentimes, gentlemen are dressed in heavy suits and ladies are in nice dresses, both exposed to the beating sun. Neither of these scenarios is ideal. If the ceremony is indoors, there’s still a chance the sun can make the air stuffy. Here are some tips that’ll keep your guests comfortable, hydrated, and cool all day long.

Drinks all around

In lieu of bubbly, have pitchers of infused water or fruit juice before the ceremony begins. Both options taste delicious and keep people cool in the heat. It’s tempting to kick off the celebration with cocktails; however, keep in mind that the hot sun and sweating can quickly deplete both your and your guests’ energy levels. Offer a refreshing non-alcoholic refreshment before the festivities get started and everyone will be happy, hydrated, and safe.

Custom Sunglasses

Most guests arrive with a small wristlet or a jacket with pockets. This doesn’t allow much space for extras. If your ceremony is outside, you don’t want them squinting in the hot sun. This is uncomfortable and could possibly cause headaches.  Customize sunglasses for your guests for an adorable wedding favor and added comfort.

Umbrellas and Towels

Summer sprinkles do happen. It might not be a heavy downpour, but your guests can still get wet. If the venue is far from definite shelter, a light rain shower can be unpleasant. Offer a basket of umbrellas at the ceremony and reception just in case.

Umbrellas are ready and available, but what if it downpours? In this case, have a stash of fluffy towels available. Air drying after a storm can make people feel chilled and uncomfortable, which is not ideal for your special day. Guests can dry off after the weather has calmed and get back to having fun.

Have seats

Whether the wedding ceremony is 15 minutes or 50, not everyone wants to stand for the duration of the ceremony, especially the eldest and youngest attendees. Standing in the heat can drain energy faster than sitting and there’s no craning to see the ceremony with an ample amount of chairs. Also, have plenty of places to take a break after the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and at the reception. Guests can get tired from mingling and dancing so give them space to rest before rejoining the party.

Warm them up

Unlike the song, everything gets cooler when the sun goes down. The temperature can drop as much as 20 degrees in some locations! This temperature fluctuation can feel very cold for the ladies in their dresses, and even to the youngest attendees. Offer your guests light shawls or pashminas during the evening festivities. This makes for a classy and chic wedding memento, too.


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