A circle has no beginning or end, it’s a symbol of infinity. Your wedding bands are circles, and symbols of your eternal love and commitment to one another. In most countries, wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger, because the vein is believed to go directly to the heart.

Apart from the symbolism of the ring itself, the sentimental value is indescribable. Married couples wear their wedding bands and some never take it off, even while playing sports or bathing. Removing such a special ring can make one feel naked, and a sudden anxiousness to know exactly where it is at all times.

Wedding rings

Weddings rings have been worn since ancient Egyptian times, when they were made from woven plants. Rings have since made their way into other cultures around the world and now there are more options for materials to fit the budgets of the purchaser.

One can find rings made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and even silicone. Some metals are considered more traditional, others hypoallergenic, and finally the color of the selected metal can carry extra symbolism as well.

Protecting your ring from wear and tear

Wedding rings are a huge investment. They are something to be worn every day and exposed to the elements and can really take a beating overtime if you’re not careful. It’s important to choose your materials wisely and take all the steps to ensure proper care.

Try to not wear your rings when doing tasks such as cleaning, exercising, bathing, or even sleeping. These activities can cause unnecessary grime buildup and damage the delicate settings over time. Also, the price of metals and stones can fluctuate, so it’s indeed important to have your jewelry appraised every few years to know the updated value.

Protecting your ring from the unimaginable

Aside from family heirlooms, your wedding band is likely the most sentimental piece of jewelry you will own. The thought of something happening to it is unimaginable. After all, it’s irreplaceable, but things can happen that are out of your control.

Purchasing jewelry insurance can help alleviate the costs associated with repairing or replacing wedding jewelry should the unthinkable happen. Most homeowner insurance policies have some coverage for jewelry, but the limits often fall far below the actual cost and value of your wedding jewelry.

The Wedding Protector Plan

The Wedding Protector Plan® is underwritten by Travelers. Wedding insurance can help protect you against circumstances out of your control. Purchasing a protection plan for your wedding can save you headaches should the unexpected happen. This protection can reimburse you for the deposits lost.

The Wedding Protector Plan® is private event insurance. It provides wedding cancellation and postponement coverage as well as other coverages to protect your investment. There’s also the option to add liability coverage, which in many cases is required by the venue. With the Wedding Protector Plan®, you can ensure your financial investment in your wedding is protected.


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