The desire to make the day absolutely perfect can cast a shadow of stress onto a beautiful time in your life. You have planned instagrammable decor, interesting activities for the guests at the reception, beautiful ambiance, and a memorable meal. All of these elements should come together to create your dream wedding so you can marry the love of your life on the best day ever.

We don’t think about the unthinkable

In the midst of planning the most special day of your life, it’s difficult to consider that something could possibly go wrong. However, things don’t always go according to plan and you should be ready with a Plan B, just in case. If you prepare, these steps can alleviate potential stresses so you can enjoy the day knowing that you’ve covered your bases.

Wedding insurance can save your day

Purchasing wedding insurance can help alleviate costs or cover sudden issues that cause major inconveniences on your big day. There are even options should you need to cancel or postpone the event.

Why cancel or postpone a wedding? For starters, depending on where you live, catastrophic weather may affect your plans. Don’t ignore hurricanes or flood warnings, keep yourself, your wedding party, and guests safe. Secondly, what if the bride or groom is called to military duty? These notifications can be unexpected, but also cannot be ignored. Finally, illness can postpone the big event. If the bride, groom, or close family member becomes suddenly ill, a postponement might be inevitable.

Wedding insurance can also protect your venue. There was much to account for including the number of guests, ambiance, location, the date, and of course the cost. If your venue goes bankrupt or becomes suddenly inaccessible, this coverage can aid in recouping lost deposits.

What about issues on the big day?

Everyone is healthy, the weather is beautiful, your honored guests are present, and decorations are picture perfect. But what if there’s an issue with the photographer, caterer, or worse, your gifts are damaged while on display at the reception?

Purchasing wedding insurance can help recoup non-recoverable expenses. If the photographer’s memory card is defective, later damaged, or they simply fail to show up, wedding insurance can help reconvene your wedding party to take replacement photos. Also, if the caterer or other contracted vendors do not fulfill contracted duties, wedding insurance can help alleviate the costs of a last-minute replacement.

The Wedding Protector Plan

The Wedding Protector Plan® is underwritten by Travelers. Wedding insurance can help protect you against circumstances out of your control. Purchasing a protection plan for your wedding can save you headaches should the unexpected happen. This protection can reimburse you for the deposits lost.

The Wedding Protector Plan® is private event insurance. It provides wedding cancellation and postponement coverage and other coverage to cover your investment. There’s also the option to add liability coverage for the many other things that can go wrong. With our Wedding Protector Plan®, you can ensure that nearly every risk is covered.