New Years Eve is an evening known for glitz and glam, now add vows. Imagine the energy of Auld Lang Syne surrounded by all your loved ones on the biggest day of your life. Yes, the notion of a New Years Eve wedding is appealing to many. However, before you lock in December 31st for your date, keep these things in mind for planning and logistics.

Travel can be a challenge

Depending on where you live, guests could be facing busy airports or snowstorm delays to attend your winter wedding. Not to mention that ticket prices always go up during the holidays. Hotel costs are also going to be more than usual if you don’t book in advance. Take a look at your theoretical guest list and determine what percentage of people will need to come a long way to be there. Remember, it is your wedding day and ultimately your call. If you notice most guests are local or can comfortably travel by car, a New Years Eve wedding isn’t an unreasonable idea. 

More venues will be available

Hotels and event venues encourage people to hold private New Years parties. You’ll be surprised how many locations are ready to open their space for you on a holiday. Now, you’ve removed the stress of organizing your date based on venue availability. Keep in mind that when you approach hotels, many host their own New Years Eve parties. Talk to them far in advance to ensure you have your perfect room to entertain. 

Take sparkles to an extreme

A holiday known for glitter and glam paired with a special day calls for dreamy decor. Yes, when you’re sifting through wedding decoration ideas, don’t be shy about sparkle. People naturally dress up for this holiday wearing golds and silvers. Don’t be shy about incorporating these hues into your decor. Bonus: You can have customized confetti crackers for your guests to pop at midnight.

It will go later 

Go ahead and start your ceremony around six or seven. Keep in mind, it’s a holiday where people stay up past midnight. You might want to consider paying to extend the liquor license, DJ, and photography team past 12 A.M as guests will want to be entertained past the stroke of midnight. Very few attendees will be heading out shortly after dinner. 

Vendors might cost more

Don’t look at it as unfair price gouging. Caterers, entertainers, decorators, and venue owners need to carefully plan and compensate their staff to accommodate your holiday wedding. It’s one of the biggest nights for going out around the world. That said, set a higher budget for all your service add-ons. The sooner you work out these details the better. Keep in mind that your guests might be taking on higher costs to be there, too.

The Wedding Protector Plan

The Wedding Protector Plan is underwritten by Travelers. Wedding insurance can help protect against circumstances beyond your control. Purchasing a policy for your wedding can save stress if the unexpected happens.  A protection plan is there to help reimburse you for lost deposits.

The Wedding Protector Plan is private event insurance. It provides cancellation and postponement coverage, plus additional coverage for your investment. There’s also the option to add liability coverage for unforeseen events. With the Wedding Protector Plan, you can ensure that nearly every risk is covered.