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You met the love of your life while hiking on the trail when you both stopped to snap a photo of the spectacular view. You both love the outdoors and everything it has to offer. So naturally, when you become engaged, you wanted to plan the most amazing outdoor wedding. And as fate would have it, there’s a gorgeous rustic barn not far from where you met. Here are a few ways to prepare, just in case your magical day turns out to be a little less than that.

Prepping for Your Outdoor Wedding

You’ve worked tirelessly with the wedding venue to create a charming alfresco celebration space. You’ve ordered tents, fans, and even backup generators. You have your gorgeous handmade birchwood signs with cute puns directing the guests and plenty of space for mingling. But the one thing you may not have thought about is wedding insurance.

Pro tips for Outdoor Weddings

  • When planning an outdoor wedding, always consider the pros and cons of each location.
  • Be aware of additional or hidden costs. For example, your locale may not have parking, and your guests will have to park elsewhere, and all parking is not free.
  • Make a seasonal menu. You will want to avoid rich, heavy foods. Serve lighter, more refreshing items like salads and fruit.
  • If it is a warm month, avoid using clear tents. They can cause more heat than a solid color.
  • Try as best as you can to hold the ceremony in a shaded area.
  • Show your guest how much you love them and their feet. Offer a basket of cute flip-flops.

Outdoor Wedding 2

Insurance for Outdoor Weddings

Every couple begs the universe to allow their wedding to go off without a hitch. But sometimes the stars just don’t align and the universe has other plans. For instance, severe weather can force you to postpone or even cancel the wedding. But with wedding insurance for outdoor weddings, you may be able to recover money for canceled or postponed weddings due to catastrophic weather.

The Wedding Protector Plan by Travelers can help cover the unexpected plus provide additional coverages to ensure your nuptials are nearly perfect.


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