Gone are the days of the plain, gold bands. Traditional rings have their allure, but certainly, aren’t without flaws. Gold as a metal is beautiful, but remember keep in mind it’s a soft metal. Your wedding ring has to last forever, so make that investment longstanding.

Changing times have brought on a whole new series of trends. Wedding rings are now another canvas for you and your future husband to get creative. These new rings are not only more comfortable and durable, but also more stylish.

Rings don’t have to be just gold anymore

Do you work in a kitchen? Does your future spouse work in construction? Maybe his career requires siting at a desk all day. Looking at the potential daily wear and tear is key in picking out a ring material. Gold used to be the standard, but now platinum and tungsten have made their way to the scene. Platinum is ten times more durable than gold and isn’t the only metal making its mark.

Tungsten is a top choice in metal

Tungsten is more durable than platinum; it’s one of the strongest metals on earth. Harder than steel and titanium, tungsten takes major effort to damage. Does your future husband’s job require working with his hands? There are absolutely no worries about scratches when tungsten is selected. If the man in your life leads an active lifestyles, this is the best metal choice. In addition to durability, tungsten is also much easier on the budget.

Channel set diamonds

Instead of a thin band with diamonds, which is categorically feminine, channel set diamonds are making a trend. Channel set diamonds add a subtle sparkle to a plain band. In the case of men’s rings, the stones don’t have to be traditional diamonds. Go for black stones or another precious stone that nicely accents dark tungsten.

Unique elements

Wedding rings don’t have to be metal. Rings with accent organic material are popping up everywhere. If you are outdoorsy or have planned a barn wedding, rings with a wood inlay are a subtle element that adds a rustic look. Don’t feel limited by wood as you can opt for other precious stone, shell, or blue carbon inlays, too.

Matte and Detailing

Matte rings look sleek and modern which is a great option for a couple that want unique jewelry. The matte style can ripple out to include brushed too. These styles can have varying degrees of texture as well as a plain, striated appearance. For those that want to go very unique look, detailing is an option. This makes the ring a canvas for textures or a stylized look that’s unlike any other wedding band.

Protect your ring with insurance.

Don’t forget about purchasing jewelry insurance which can help alleviate the costs associated with repairing or replacing wedding jewelry should the unthinkable happen. Most homeowner insurance policies have some coverage for jewelry, but the limits often fall far below the actual cost and value of your wedding jewelry.


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