This year’s wedding trends are focused on adaptability. Gone are the days where decor elements were restricted by the venue, season, or budget. We’re moving away from modern details and going back to classic and bohemian chic. This limitless palette means you can design the look and feel of your dreams without having to stick to a specific theme.


Candles are a classic element to add to your reception tablescape. Within this space, couples are moving away from plain votives to a more classic or gothic-inspired appearance. Tapered candles are long candles that might seem too traditional at first glance. Paired with gold or black candleholders, they can really elevate the table elements with minimal effort and cost. Add a few tapered candles, the color choices are endless, and your other decorations come to life in seconds. Mismatch your candlesticks for an instant eclectic, romantic effect.


Goodbye pastels, hello vibrance! 2019 is for sure the year of colors that pop. Pantone announced Living Coral as their “Color of the Year”, so bright and vibrant is here to stay. Couples are moving away from classic soft colors in their themes and more into citrus yellows, greens, oranges. Some couples are even opting for mellow emeralds, merlots, and greige, a bold move away from pastels. Aside from these two trends, it’s also going to be popular to incorporate various shades of one color, a slight mismatch, to add depth to the overall palette.


Brides and grooms are choosing flowers that tell a story. For example, the bride grew up gardening marigolds with her mother, so marigolds appear in the tablescape. Then the groom’s late grandmother loved jasmine, so jasmine becomes a table element.

In addition to florals that tell a story, there is a new trend in greenery. We’re seeing a more organic appearance for flower arrangements and noticing a shift away from flawless bouquets. Couples are opting for free-flowing organic green elements such as gorgeous vine archways and cascading leaves to create a bohemian, almost fantasy-like ambiance.

Keeping it simple

When guest tables are cluttered with purses, phones, cameras, and other necessities, it can downplay the beautiful décor on the table. The new trend is keeping it simple. Couples are choosing a few decorations that are aesthetically beautiful to make a statement, versus allowing the table to overflow with too many elements. This approach can save on cost, too.

Non-traditional cakes

2019 will be the year of spatula-painted cakes. Instead of tall, tiered, white cakes, couples are opting for colorful cakes that are a work of art in themselves. Spatula-painted cakes give a watercolor appearance to the finished look, with endless options for decorative elements. The next cake trend is anti-cake, rather, a doughnut cake or pastry wall. Guests can choose from a variety of options and not feel obligated towards sweets.


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