Your bridal jewelry set holds sentimental value beyond words. Not only do these two rings signify your eternal commitment to your partner, they bring back a flood of memories and plans for the future. You probably feel naked when your rings are absent from your finger. Remember that mini moment of panic when you’ve taken them off to do the dishes, and noticed they weren’t on a few hours later? Yes, it’s hard to imagine the reality of anything happening to something you barely let out of your sight. Here is how to protect yourself from the unthinkable: something happens to your bridal set. 

What is a bridal set? 

The bridal set consists of the engagement ring and wedding band. Not to be confused with the wedding set, which is the groom’s wedding band, the brides wedding band, and the engagement ring. (In the jewelry world, the terms tend to be used interchangeably.) Keep in mind that the price of precious metals and stones does fluctuate, so the bridal set and wedding set can go up in value over time. The changing wedding ring costs mean it could be even more financially straining to replace should anything happen. 

When the Unthinkable Happens

Insuring your jewelry isn’t nearly as fun to think about as planning your honeymoon or making your first big purchase together. Truthfully, it is likely one of the last things you want to think about as a couple. Homeowners and renters insurance do cover jewelry, but only for a fraction of the value. Purchasing a separate jewelry insurance policy means that your jewelry is protected independently of your other valuables. So if the unimaginable happens like an accidental loss or natural disaster, your jewelry protection won’t subtract from replacing other damages. 

Why Insure Your Jewelry

Jewelry insurance extends beyond your wedding set. Perhaps you inherited family heirlooms or own rare pieces that are highly valuable and irreplaceable. In this case, you would also want to take out a policy independent of your homeowners or renters insurance. This coverage can help protect you so you don’t find yourself underinsured in situations beyond your control. Think natural disasters, burglary, or accidental loss. Remember to regularly get your wedding pieces appraised so in situations of recovery, you can feel at ease. 

The Wedding Protector Plan

The Wedding Protector Plan is underwritten by Travelers. Wedding insurance can help protect against circumstances beyond your control. Purchasing a policy for your wedding can save stress if the unexpected happens.  A protection plan is there to help reimburse you for lost deposits.

The Wedding Protector Plan is private event insurance. It provides cancellation and postponement coverage, plus additional coverage for your investment. There’s also the option to add liability coverage for unforeseen events. With the Wedding Protector Plan, you can ensure that nearly every risk is covered.